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MAKE IT: Knitted cloths

MAKE IT: Face cloths



There are some things you don’t think you need. Why bother making them when they are so cheap and easy to find? The answer? Quality. Sometimes, homemade is just better, even when you aren’t really expecting it to be. ???????????????????????????????Cotton knitted cloths are exactly that, as weird as it sounds. Whether you make them in bright and pretty shades to wash your face or in boring, cheap and non-descript colours for washing your floors, nothing seems to really clean quite like them. You can stretch, mangle and altogether mis-treat these things and yet, pop them through a hot wash and miraculously they present themselves in good order, ready to clean another day.

Certainly, I have found my skincare regime really appreciates a decent facecloth and these really have improved my skin. I think it’s the gentle and thorough exfoliation.

I enjoy knitting, it gives me something to do whilst watching TV and I find it quite therapeutic. Like many of us, my Mum taught me to knit when I was a little girl but, of course, it wasn’t a terribly fashionable thing to do and so I didn’t keep it up. That is until I wanted to give up smoking and someone suggested it as a great way to keep your fingers busy whilst fighting the cravings. Boy were they right! The bug had bitten and it’s something I can’t now live without. I even take a knitting project away on holiday with me and yes, I know that makes me sound older than my years but there it is.



I cast on 42 stiches in thick cotton yarn with a set of 4mm needles and generally knit three rows in garter stitch and then knit the first three and last three stiches in every row as a border. The stitches inbetween can be anything you like. It could be moss stitch, faux rib, cabled – anything. It’s a good way to sample a particular pattern without worrying too much about making mistakes. And who cares if it went wrong if you’re going to clean the floor with it? All you really need to do it keep knitting until your piece measures a rough square and finish off with final three rows of garter stitch and cast off. The beauty is that they knit up quickly and you feel as if you’ve achieved something. That’s especially gratifying if you’re taking time out of a longer project. Additionally they make a personal addition to an otherwise uninspiring smellies gift for friends and family.

There are loads of patterns on the web to try out but I think it’s nice to do a bit of experimenting and see what flows.

If crochet is more your thing, I particularly recommend trying the bobble cleaning cloths here –http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nubbie-scrubbies or http://www.oombawkadesigncrochet.com/2014/07/108-crochet-cluster-stitches.html#_a5y_p=2004291

These knobbly scrubbies really do work well on pots and pans.

One happy knitter.






WANT IT, MAKE IT: Ripple blanket

I saw these beautiful blankets on Attic24. It’s a lovely blog which I recommend checking out.


and I thought to myself,
“I really like that. They’re very pretty…. Hmmm. I think I want one.”

I dug out my crochet hook and went off to one of the very few yarn shops in my area and purchased some 100g balls of acrylic yarn, fifteen colours for a bargain price of £27. A few rows later, and it’s begining to take shape. It works very quickly compared to knitting so I’m hoping that a few rows a day will set me well on the road to having a new, hand-made blanket for the bed in the shepherd’s hut.

Here’s how it’s looking so far…

Now, I have to confess to being a bit of a donut. I wound all fifteen colours into small balls to take away on holiday with me feeling very smug at my cleverness, only to find that I’d stupidly wound each ball too short by about 10g! Aaarrgghh!

I ought to have weighed them out properly of course, but I’d eyeballed it, and got it wrong and I could have left it until I got home but I’m afarid once a fad has taken hold, I just can’t let it go. Instead, I dragged the boy out to the nearest big town in search of a wool shop in order to purchase some more.

And so, with the raw materials restored, I’m happily on a roll, crocheting away and while I sit here, I think to myself…
“Why didn’t I use my small balls to make a matching cushion cover instead and save the blanket to make at home?”.
Now I’ll just have to make two!