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MAKE IT: Slow Cooker Rice Pudding


Christmas is very nearly round the corner and I finally have all my Christmas shopping bought, wrapped (very, very, nearly wrapped) and stowed away under the tree.

I’ve re-discovered a simple little trick to ease the wrapping nightmare – flat paper sheets.  I hate wrestling with the rolls of wrapping paper, smoothing the paper flat, pinning it down with paperweights and trying to cut off the right sized piece only to find it rolling back on itself again and a wonky cut.   This year, I unrolled all the paper from the rolls, folded it two or three times and cut the folds with a knife to produce beautiful flat sheets of paper! Yee ha!

Once wrapped, I sorted all the presents into sensible piles under the tree to avoid that ‘under-the-Christmas-tree-on-all-fours-shuffle’ thing that happens two minutes before you need to be out the door and you just can’t find Uncle Bob’s gift.

Now that everything’s ready and the day job is over until New Year, I can potter about the house to my heart’s content in anticipation of the big day…..and so on to my first winter warmer – Rice Pudding. So simple, so good and today it’s being prepared in the slow cooker so I can keep the main oven busy with other things.

Here she goes –

???????????????????????????????4oz pudding rice (short grain)
1 oz caster sugar
1 pint milk (preferably full fat)
1 tsp corn flour (loosened in a little of the milk)
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt – don’t leave this out as it really does make a difference

Butter for greasing
Nutmeg and double cream or a good dollop of jam to serve.


  • Butter the slow cooker dish and set to high.


  • Once hot, add all the ingredients to the pan and mix together.

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

  • Pop the lid on a leave on high for one and a half hours.  (Give it a quick stir after 15 mins though to break up the rice a bit.)


  •  When the cooking time is up, stir in a little double cream and grate some nutmeg over the top.  Serve there and then or cover over and leave on low until you’re ready.

Heart-warming and very quick to prepare.