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NEED IT, MAKE IT: Drawstring bag


I use a drawstring bag to hold my used teatowels and kitchen cloths until I get round to washing them at the end of the week. Having repaired my old one a number of times, I have to give up on it now and consign it to the bin.

I have a stash of fabric kicking about in my spare room, some of which is too unattractive to use for any decorative purpose. I've no idea where this piece came from – it's pretty horrible so this is exactly the type of practical project I need to use it up!

Drawstring bags are one of the very easiest sewing projects to undertake. The first one I ever owned was the one every little girl of my age took to school to hold her gym kit. We called them pump bags then and they were all home-made by your Mum. Mine was beautifully embroidered with flowers and my name (Mum was an avid seamstress) and I was very proud to carry that to school.

So then, having already determined that this one is functional only (be prepared to embrace the ugly!) it's a simple rectangle sewn across the bottom and up both sides and a double fold hem at the top to thread your string through. Easy squeezy!


I use these big style pins as markers on the top hem to remind me not to sew all the way round!


Then it's just a case of threading the string through the gap using a safety pin.


There. Ugly but functional.