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Spring is trying to surprise us.  It’s the last day of February and the daffodils have all pushed up their flower buds ready to burst into colour.  Of course a few have already been up for a week or two – the odd little bunch here and there as if the daffodil community send out some scouts to check out the conditions and report back before they collectively decide the time is right.


It’s not just the daffs though, oh no, the cherry tree outside my front door has a grand total of three tiny pink flowers.  There are more birds around and the sunlight is beginning to creep further and further down the back wall of our north facing little garden.

The veggie patch has a few die-hard parsnips, beetroot and carrots but really we’re in the realms of leeks, kale and a bit of spinach.  A very sorry selection.  The empty beds have been cleared and dug over and those that are destined for hungry vegetables have been fed with a bumper load of rotted chicken muck and covered over to keep the weeds out and give the worms time to do their thing.

Tomato and pepper seeds have germinated on the window-sill propagator and a few seeds sown in the greenhouse awaiting enough heat and light to spring into action.


This year, I’m trying out some early broad beans peas and carrots in the greenhouse to see if I can get a quick crop before temperatures rise to high for them.  We’ll see what happens.